CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (2024)

We've got a list of the best available CS2 Crosshair Codes that will help take your aiming abilities to the next level!

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In Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), the crosshair is more than just a visual aid; it’s a crucial tool for lining up shots, controlling spray, and aiming grenades. While the game defaults to a green dynamic crosshair, many players find a static type more effective for focus and accuracy. The challenge lies in customizing it to suit your playstyle, as the wrong size or color can hinder your performance.

To streamline this process, you can use pre-set crosshair codes from casual to pro players, saving you hours of tweaking. These codes are easily implemented in CS2, just as they were in CS:GO. Testing various options in the revamped Deathmatch mode can help you find your ideal setup, and you also get to play with new guns.

Best CSGO2 Crosshair Code

Here are some of the best CS2 Crosshair codes for you to use:

Counter-Strike 2 Pro Players Crosshair Codes

ZywOo CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (1)

s1mple CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (2)

NiKo CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (3)

m0NESYCS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (4)

sh1ro CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (5)

degster CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (6)

Twistzz CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (7)

smooya CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (8)

blameF CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (9)

dev1ce CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (10)

YEKINDAR CS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (11)

EligeCS2 crosshair code


CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (12)



CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (13)

Other Pro Players and Streamers CS2 Crosshair Codes

  • w0nderful – CSGO-jhrTh-eXR6k-6LeUL-C5ukE-FkdVG
  • blameF – CSGO-LdXHk-hatWX-JjEa8-tuLDN-5tbJD
  • magixx – CSGO-NjLqK-AirMP-rxErc-NHF7j-AmPJM
  • Jeorge – CSGO-VQqRT-VnNCN-GZOet-CXNyu-kBYXC
  • Jimpphat – CSGO-wqBtD-dMZR7-53vp6-eU95j-HAZ2Q
  • mantuu – CSGO-R2XvB-SPGLo-HKLor-6yeYP-rTGOP
  • b0RUP – CSGO-D763F-7Dwx8-38jWN-vG6dQ-SYVvD
  • chelo – CSGO-eharV-ctGSB-PBhKT-dhVe5-9DmDA
  • junior – CSGO-iZK2r-MiuXC-6Otqt-9okvC-c2D7K
  • Brollan – CSGO-Lxrrb-tK89n-WWPxK-K7VuY-m4urD
  • TeSeS – CSGO-E4fBA-LVbNn-csRqe-Uq3A2-SzwPB
  • Twistzz – CSGO-Gfqt6-ZjheF-jyOEr-2VjX8-XTFuA
  • chopper – CSGO-342Mh-scnZH-2zT5j-j4NQz-kHk9Q
  • REZ – CSGO-3XPK5-uwisF-Qx4SC-KqGWC-z2urD
  • Nertz – CSGO-BKWBy-hHOaB-Hp9CR-hFWX4-T3SKF
  • hampus – CSGO-o7hPx-NGTtE-HR47f-Pespq-PprBE
  • HObbit – CSGO-tNKL3-nvYRR-MyrEa-Ds9kN-bkWjM
  • roeJ – CSGO-ocXGn-bHWWj-YASHy-hawvk-9R88F
  • rain – CSGO-mbppN-WGdqq-XeBH8-bmdyV-fxwPB
  • headtr1ck – CSGO-86oMS-pW87E-VeEVP-d7a7P-uKSuK
  • k0nfig – CSGO-Oa34q-kPJJR-CT8Uc-tssQ8-f8GSQ
  • broky – CSGO-2uABj-Rr3dC-yhVt3-bXe8v-tDu8O
  • zont1x – CSGO-ZFxrm-9kCOV-soHAn-YXDq3-yAPEL
  • SunPayus – CSGO-JM3Ho-ENFLW-QeHCM-KrVrd-2mdVG
  • Walco – CSGO-PJNox-cUC6w-XOOm7-cbFOq-rRLoD
  • Patsi – CSGO-OyirP-VoN2e-pXqUt-ONKWS-QhEVF
  • afro – CSGO-FHRvZ-K8won-C3nSa-aORPF-ambcP
  • HooXi – CSGO-Rxkq5-myqax-3ZL5k-xBQOd-m4urD
  • KaiR0N – CSGO-W8hb3-xcU4A-TP8ET-o9ZaH-AbGiJ
  • Maluk3 – CSGO-U9O3d-LcEka-DmzUu-Gtd4S-roybE
  • Aleksib – CSGO-Jp4hk-AfzML-FcpUT-2pfxZ-kSLoD
  • jL – CSGO-MCtGt-xVnyj-UcVop-2FJes-RCyXD
  • prosus – CSGO-SOz5m-rPw8J-QCQ2r-Up6b9-ye4NF
  • donk – CSGO-OhRMK-3V7eB-exzjC-iw5tu-kHk9Q
  • Buzz – CSGO-FR9ru-YrsEZ-cFjwW-Ud4ho-NsW5F
  • b1t – CSGO-9OysP-sFw9b-dHiXx-VXUA2-hif4D
  • NAF – CSGO-yHoxk-iT4Un-WQcGC-ftm6y-6NZfE
  • XANTARES – CSGO-UOrzd-vO3VJ-d9GDb-f96Sj-K564E
  • oSee – CSGO-GaZSZ-RJren-h3W4X-iJMhH-ZVkoE
  • electroNic – CSGO-eJxbP-TpvSq-MOhe6-PTKWW-NoRBD
  • xertioN – CSGO-pLGRY-775k7-dbhyt-z9raP-ykEVF
  • karrigan – CSGO-CP44i-z2D7K-dpJhE-TvPaj-MaMbM
  • FalleN – CSGO-eFHmA-acH7o-mne7c-2Xy3q-NWeuB
  • yuurih – CSGO-8fzkO-nCvOi-FKNjN-qoXpf-3kYbD
  • maden – CSGO-N6xFY-FfmYx-e2Hxe-LCDnY-U9z6A
  • dycha – CSGO-pSVO4-UQ7Kx-Gqrph-OL8ym-8qW5F
  • torzsi – CSGO-GfmnY-hWjk8-MbJ2T-caSFb-OSc3K
  • s1n – CSGO-M5etF-zXuiH-5N8PU-YDKAf-xsrBE
  • jabbi – CSGO-4PQMC-kA9Ho-muNQv-9u2BJ-tLXoN
  • HexT – CSGO-Mody6-S7mhz-uwfR4-FQ585-tXcNE
  • siuhy – CSGO-9eiwq-mMjSm-xxq2V-QbWVL-XKk9Q
  • flameZ – CSGO-nkRtt-JhsZb-8EWw4-N8UHR-YuLDR
  • Krimbo – CSGO-FrJCB-sQAfF-BccHQ-Nu3sN-HLAfD
  • apEX – CSGO-idk3k-MD5qw-6b9rH-tr7u7-KPh8E
  • Magisk – CSGO-Ch7e4-W6rmt-rj9Tw-2HmUn-RfK5O
  • jks – CSGO-Un7wk-YEcd5-YUnK4-eoFqZ-LbRVP
  • FL1T – CSGO-aUsZQ-7OJvG-63R4C-Swu3r-QQSFE
  • Snappi – CSGO-4fzx2-TkZbP-pY6wU-Sd29X-9itOH
  • autimatic – CSGO-9Fw8w-Kcb9A-kSSfC-zyXPW-hEpEM
  • arT – CSGO-KYFYs-tNLXD-WXmzG-raZEx-8Er7C
  • Jame – CSGO-xaqow-cUtCU-MYdu3-qC47b-ZHZML
  • sjuush – CSGO-tJvHe-BjTBA-ZUXpi-hMCGU-NoRBD
  • KRIMZ – CSGO-K2YXS-7sKY2-j3ENd-cKSkm-ekrqK
  • ArtFr0st – CSGO-TOU4E-eRGzF-cxpH3-XoHae-JKFFN
  • huNter– – CSGO-fefXh-O6xYZ-FdCHQ-OP9Kq-qKwLA
  • Perfecto – CSGO-7ONPA-H47zM-w3cuA-sm76J-SBCtG
  • cadiaN – CSGO-OsK33-i3cCK-C3HFj-8NFp3-HpCxH
  • Spinx – CSGO-HsTKJ-UzdPk-qvWjm-Y2FDE-eJH8D
  • mezii – CSGO-vNrUo-WXqBv-YQunk-4WXQz-sbK5O
  • Qikert – CSGO-EqXT5-qJ5NF-9upHM-fAWce-H4NQC
  • tabseN – CSGO-xjXqo-C9vj8-kzmGn-UKdLu-HRsuL

How to use Counter-Strike 2 Crosshair Codes

Ready to get a new CS2 crosshair? Follow these steps to import a new crosshair code:

  1. Open the settings by clicking the gear icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. Navigate to ‘Game’ located under the ‘Play’ button at the top, then select ‘Crosshair.’
  3. Find the ‘Share or Import’ button within the Crosshair preview.
  4. Copy one of the crosshair codes from our list above, hit ‘Import,’ and you’re set to play.
CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (14)

How to Copy Counter-Strike 2 Crosshairs

To view and copy another player’s crosshair while spectating in CS2, make sure the ‘Show Player Crosshairs’ feature is activated in the Crosshairs menu. This should be set to Everyone by default. Then, during a game, follow these steps:

  1. Press [TAB] to bring up the scoreboard.
  2. Activate the cursor by clicking Mouse 2.
  3. Choose the player whose crosshair you want to copy.
  4. At the bottom of the player’s profile preview, click on Copy Crosshair.
  5. A prompt will appear asking if you’d like to overwrite your existing crosshair. Click Yes to proceed.

This will allow you to use the selected player’s crosshair as your own. Before you do this, remember to back up your crosshair in the form of a code so you can reapply it if you’re not happy with your new one.

CS2 Crosshair Settings Explained

Crosshairs in CS2 come in three distinct styles:

  1. Classic: This crosshair expands as you move or shoot, signaling that your shots will be less accurate. When stationary, it shrinks and remains still, indicating maximum accuracy. This type is ideal for newcomers to CS2, helping them quickly grasp the game’s timing.
  2. Classic Static: This is a stationary crosshair that never changes size, and it’s the choice of most players.
  3. Legacy: This crosshair expands only when you fire your weapon. It’s popular among a large number of players, including some professionals.

Below are the customizable settings for your crosshair:

  • Center Dot: This option lets you decide if you want a central dot within your crosshair. Players may opt for just the dot, just the crosshair, or both. However, you can’t play without at least one of them.
  • Length: This adjusts the length of the lines in your crosshair, extending from the screen’s center.
  • Thickness: This setting controls the width of the lines and the dot in your crosshair.
  • Gap: This adjusts the space between the center of the screen and the inner edges of the crosshair.
  • Outline: This is a black border around your crosshair. Some players find it useful for visibility against similarly colored backgrounds. While I always use it, some pros opt not to.
  • Color: You can set the color of your crosshair using Red, Green, and Blue sliders, with values ranging from 0 to 255.
  • Alpha: This controls the opacity of your crosshair. Most players keep this setting at maximum for better visibility.

What is Follow Recoil in CS2?

The Follow Recoil feature is a new addition to CS2. When activated, this setting causes your crosshair to shift in sync with your weapon’s recoil as you fire. This provides a visual guide to how recoil influences your aim, although it doesn’t factor in spray patterns or movement-related inaccuracies.

For a more in-depth explanation, YouTuber TheWarOwl has created a video focused on the Follow Recoil option. This feature can be particularly beneficial for newcomers to the Counter-Strike series. It offers a clearer understanding of how each weapon behaves during fire, assists in adjusting aim in real-time, and aids in developing the muscle memory needed to master recoil patterns.

If you want to know more about Follow Recoil, watch IKLA Follow Recoil YouTube video.

CS2 Crosshair Codes - Try Hard Guides (2024)
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