'Darcey & Stacey' stars preview season 2 and that trip to Turkey for plastic surgery (2024)

Get ready for some twin peaks!

90 Day Fiancé fave Darcey Silva and her sister, Stacey, are back and doing better than ever in the second season of their TLC spin-off, . Come for the high jinks, stay for the human stories of sisterly love, man drama, and fertility struggles (along with one very eventful trip to Turkey that may involve a twin in an adult diaper).

We caught up with the spirited sisters, 46, ahead of the July 19 season premiere. Read on for a taste of what's in store, and check out an exclusive sneak peek from the premiere above.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Stacey, when last season ended, there were some bumps along the way, but you ended up getting married to your longtime boyfriend, Florian. How's married life?

STACEY SILVA: Florian and I are really enjoying married life. It's been a whirlwind. He came [from Albania] during the pandemic and was so grateful that he made it in the nick of time because then lockdown happened. We got married in quarantine — obviously it wasn't our dream wedding. I'm just glad that we finally said our I dos, and when we said our vows, we meant them, and that's for life. I take that seriously, and so does Florian. This season you'll really get to see his sensitive side, his protective side, our fertility journey, why he feels the way he feels about it.

Time's kind of ticking when it comes to that because of my age. I'm a mother of two amazing teenage boys, and he's a great stepdad. Obviously it'd be great to have a biological child of our own. It's either in God's hands or up to the doctor, but that's something you guys are going to go along on this journey with, and it's very emotional and even to this day still hard to talk about because I find out I have a cyst and I'm still processing. You'll see that journey and how Florian processes everything. This season you'll get to see the Florian that I know and love and always have. He's a good guy.

'Darcey & Stacey' stars preview season 2 and that trip to Turkey for plastic surgery (1)

In the premiere episode, we see you standing up for yourself a lot with him. Is that a shift in your relationship?

STACEY: Honestly, yes. I don't know if that's from him being in America; I wanted to do too much to make him feel comfortable and just to get ready for when he can start working. And for him it was overkill, it was over the top. And you'll see that side of him that's not so nice, but he's still a good guy, though.

DARCEY SILVA: But you do stand up for yourself.

STACEY: I do stand up for myself. And he knows now he can't speak to me like that. You have to put up your boundaries and make sure that line doesn't get crossed.

Darcey, that leads me to want to talk to you about Georgi. How are things going with you two?

DARCEY: As you guys saw with season 1, he proposed and obviously he was still married, so you'll see that journey and how his last marriage ends up. But I had to come to the point where I had to meet up with his ex-wife, because I had some open questions. And I needed him to be more transparent and open with me because I was seeing him a little closed off at some points, and I didn't want to ever feel like that. We're engaged to be married. I was being very patient during that whole divorce proceedings, and all the courts were closed. I was his rock, and I needed him to be my rock. I needed transparency, and there was a lack of that.

Going to Turkey was one of the best things I did for myself. And leading up to it, he wasn't treating me very nice either. I felt like he was love-bombing me, which felt like I was being gaslit, and I felt like I've done everything in my power to love you and be there for you, stop bombing me. You say you love me one minute, but you're not giving me the respect that I deserve. Just wanting to know simple things that any normal people would want to know in a relationship, it's not too much to ask for. So in that case, I'm glad I left for Turkey and went on this inner transformation with Stace — it was the best decision ever. I felt free, I still do.

STACEY: We both did.

DARCEY: We freed ourselves.

STACEY: We freed the boobs.

DARCEY: Out with the old, in with the new. We felt it was the right thing for us to do at that time.

STACEY: We were about to go into surgery and we were like, "We're just going to live life and enjoy it in the moment because you never know."

DARCEY: I was happy for me in that moment. I cut the cord on the past. Whatever didn't serve me anymore, I was okay with letting it go. I forgave myself. You'll see a lot of emotions, a lot of tears, tears that people can relate to. Freeing.

STACEY: A release.

DARCEY: I let things go, deep down inside, that voice, that inner child, [that] person that was stuck in there for a long time who couldn't find her happiness because it wasn't with someone else, it was really here in myself. You'll see all that, and I think a lot of women and men can relate to that.

STACEY: A lot of wow moments, a lot of chills moments. Even our production behind the scenes was like, "Wow, now we get it, why you are the way you are."

It sounds like you really went on parallel journeys. Darcey, just to hear you use the words "lovebombing" and "gaslighting," to recognize that these are things that viewers who are protective of you see happening sometimes, we want to kind of reach through the screen and say that's not okay…

DARCEY: It's not. I set boundaries now. And I've been always kind of a yes person, but now I can say no confidently because I know what I deserve in the end. I forgave myself for all that stuff. The love starts from within. So you'll see a lot of growth from me, and you'll see how the relationship ends up with Georgi. I'm happy, my kids are happy, family is first and foremost. We're focused on staying strong and a lot of amazing things. I've still got a big heart.

STACEY: I think you guys will really love to see the bond between Darcey and Florian this season.

That's interesting, because we haven't really seen that before.

DARCEY: Yeah, we really bonded.

STACEY: Florian's been in my life for six years, before any TV show. So our love is real and genuine, and it breaks my heart because Darcey has these relationships with these guys…

DARCEY: I think they have to heal for themselves. But I need to do it for myself. And you'll see where Georgi and I end up. Whether we're together or not, it doesn't matter. It starts from within. I just wanted to be the strongest person I can for myself and my daughters. That's where it starts. I can't really say where the journey ends when it comes to love because I don't think anybody does, but at least I'm starting in the right place, and it starts right here.

That's such a universal thing. The fact that we get to see you going through that really vulnerably is a gift. And your daughters seem like really strong, wonderful young women with their heads on straight.

DARCEY: I'm so proud of them. You guys get to see their growth as teenagers.

STACEY: You guys are going to be so proud of Anniko and Aspen and the things that they're doing. They're such an inspiration, and I'm so proud of them. I have two teenage sons, who are doing amazing things: One's going off to college, and the other's a top soccer player. They're busy and they choose to stay private, off camera, and I respect that. We're a loving family, on TV and off TV.

What is your sons' relationship like with Florian?

STACEY: Great. He's a stepdad and they've created a bond. They've known Florian for as long as I have. Even though our relationship was long-distance in the beginning, they knew about him, I talked about him. I'd videochat with Florian every day, numerous times a day, so they knew about him and welcomed him into our family as well. And they're older now. They're 17 and 16.

DARCEY: He's like a doting dad. He's very much a family man, and now I see that side.

STACEY: And you'll see my dad and Florian and the bond that they have, a different side of everybody.

That's really nice, because your dad seems like a tough customer.

STACEY: Our dad tells it like it is. He loves us and wants the best for us. And our mom too.

I would love to talk a little bit about your fertility journey.

STACEY: Going on this fertility journey, filming it this season especially was very eye-opening and healing and a blessing in a way, because I found out about a cyst.

DARCEY: It was a wake-up call, for me as well.

STACEY: For Darcey too, because we're twins. We need to make sure that we keep ourselves healthy because I want to be around for a long time, for my sons and future children with Florian, God willing, whatever may be. It is a sensitive subject, especially with Florian, because he dealt with some things with doctors growing up and has some traumas, so it was very tough.

DARCEY: He has faith, he lives by faith.

STACEY: He's a Catholic and believes in miracles.

DARCEY: So the doctors may say one thing but he's like, "No, I believe in miracles."

STACEY: I'm running out of time. I had to figure out what to do, regardless of faith.

DARCEY: And for her health, she has to monitor the cyst. I've decided to get checked out as well, because the same thing can happen to me. We have the same DNA, the same genetic makeup, so I'm going to be proactive.

STACEY: I am blessed with my sons.

DARCEY: And there are alternatives, like adoption.

STACEY: Whatever happens, you guys will get to see the journey.

And are you okay? Is everything okay with the cyst?

STACEY: I've got to keep an eye on it. I feel good and I feel healthy. I'm happy living in the moment.

I feel like that's what this past year has taught us more than anything.

STACEY: Exactly. Just appreciate everything you have right now.

Okay, I want to talk about the twinsformation that's teased in the preview.

DARCEY: Stacey and I first decided to go to Turkey spur of the moment last year. We were both on our phones at the same time, texted each other at the same time, "Let's go to Turkey." We both said the same thing, I swear to God. Randomly. Ran-dom-ly.

STACEY: Same night. We were researching doctors and I was like, "Look at this doctor's work, he's amazing."

DARCEY: We were researching places, and for some reason I felt Turkey and she felt Turkey, so we figured out we'd pick the best doctor for us and we had consultations. We wanted to go on this inward-outward journey together, just us. Obviously we took our precautions.

STACEY: Yeah, it didn't happen on a whim.

DARCEY: When we got there, we felt like we were in total care. They took care of us round the clock.

STACEY: It was like five-star service, like a vacation. We were healing in a villa.

DARCEY: We felt very safe. We had nurses around the clock. We did multiple surgeries at once. We've had multiple surgeries before. We had a tummy tuck because we had the kids, and we had our boobs done in Beverly Hills and Miami. This time we just wanted to lift everything up. We knew it was going to be our last time around. We did a little Barbie nose, lip lifts, a buccal fat removal for a snatched jaw, and just a little snatch waist action and a little [boob] lift.

Did you guys do all the exact same procedures?

STACEY: You'll see something that's a little different. This time around, it was a little different.

DARCEY: Just a little.

Stacey, in the preview you mention wanting a breast reduction.

STACEY: I was very top-heavy before, and I chose to do a breast reduction and lift, and I feel so much better. I feel lighter, clothes fit me better, and I still feel sexy and that I got the look that I want, but without the back pain. And you know, for the nose too…

DARCEY: We breathe better. More air into our brain, maybe now I can think straight with these men.

STACEY: Wow, what a little surgery can do to ya!

DARCEY: And it didn't hurt. The lipo, you know…

STACEY: You're a little bruised.

DARCEY: You're a little bruised, but that goes away. We were in good hands.

STACEY: We flew back when we were healed. We didn't rush it.

Good for you. Your body, your choices. That's my motto for everything. It's funny because the last time we talked, you two clearly have this amazing friendship and love and protectiveness of each other, but one of the things I was sorry I hadn't asked you about is: Sometimes on screen, you seem more competitive than you did when I was talking to you. And I will say I've only seen one episode from this season so far, but you seem less competitive now. Am I wrong about that?

DARCEY: In general, twins might have a slight competitiveness toward each other, but it's not intentional. We both want the best for each other, and it's not like who gets this first or who gets married first. It's not like that. Our life has always happened in tandem. When she got married, it just so happened that two years later I got married. It didn't happen right away.

STACEY: Same with having kids.

DARCEY: Same with having kids. She had the two boys, I had the girls. They're around the same age, so they grew up together.

STACEY: Same with divorces.

DARCEY: We got divorced on the same day.

On the same day?

DARCEY: On the same day. That was a little fluke. The judge was like, "Is this a reality show?"

STACEY: Yeah, the judge foresaw it.

DARCEY: 2010.

STACEY: I was first, then she went and the judge was like, "Is this a reality show?"

DARCEY: So I don't see it as a competitive thing, it's just like… life happens.

STACEY: But we do push each other to be the best. But I don't think it's to take each other down or one-up each other, it's more because we know we're going to the top of that mountain together and we have to make it happen together.

DARCEY: We've had years apart, like when we had our kids. But we're meant to do a lot of things together. But separate as well.

I want to ask you, Darcey, about something I found really shocking in the preview, which is that Georgi connects with your ex Jesse Meester. I just wanted to know how it came to be and how you felt about it.

DARCEY: I don't really still know too much about it to this day, I'll be watching it along with you guys. But what I first felt was a low blow. It was a slap in the face. I think they both just wanted each other's attention for some reason, and that it was a manipulation move on both their parts. I can't really compare it to me meeting Georgi's ex, because that's someone he was married to, he was a stepdad to her daughter, I needed to know some things that I thought were going to be confirmed if I met with her. If he wanted to do it as an even Steven thing, there are other people he could have talked to. My ex-husband who's the father of my daughters, my dad, Florian — another male who would know much more about me. Not that kid. Whatever was said, whether it was good, bad, ugly, nonsense, sweet, BS… it's BS.

How about your ex Tom Brooks? Do you ever hear from Tom these days?

DARCEY: No. Just the tell-all was the last time we all saw each other and spoke, that virtual tell-all we all did. I wish him well, but that's the past. I cut the cord.

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'Darcey & Stacey' stars preview season 2 and that trip to Turkey for plastic surgery (2024)
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