How to Get Rid of Women’s Facial Hair Permanently With Supplements (2024)

Although facial hair is considered attractive in men, it’s not so much a desired feature by women. At-home shaving and depilatory hair removal cream can often do the trick for managing facial and chin hair. However, they’re only temporary treatments and females with excess facial hair still find themselves looking for permanent hair removal solutions. For those whose excessive hair growth condition is caused by hormonal changes, supplements can be an effective natural treatment.

So how do supplements work for removing facial hair permanently? Excess hair growth in women is often caused by high androgen levels and taking supplements helps suppress the effects of this hormone to minimize and potentially stop facial hair growth. Some of the best supplements are anti-androgen medications like progesterone, saw palmetto, vitamins B6 and E, spearmint tea, and magnesium and zinc supplements.

What Supplements Can Women Take to Stop Facial Hair Growth

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Facial hair growth can be linked to the presence and activity of hormones in the female body. In men, testosterone is the main androgen hormone that’s responsible for their masculine characteristics including the development of facial and body hair. However, women are also known to produce this male hormone in small amounts.

While the hair follicles typically need proteins and vitamins to grow healthy hair, some follicles may be particularly sensitive to hormone activity. For this reason, the presence of high levels of androgen may stimulate the production of excess facial hair. This may also affect the existing vellus hair in the face and body, triggering them to grow longer, darker, and thicker which makes them more visible.

Unwanted facial hair on the upper lip and chin areas is also usually more reactive to androgen hormones. That being said, the one way to put a stop to facial hair growth is by limiting the activity of androgen in women. Certain supplements could help manage the hormonal imbalance in females by reducing the production of androgen.

Here are some of the medications and natural supplements that have anti-androgen effects for removing excess facial hair:

1. Antiandrogen Prescription Medications

Blood tests may be required to know if a patient’s excess facial hair is related to any medical condition caused by the shift in the androgen hormones. If there are medical symptoms consistent with hirsutism, doctors may recommend hormone management treatments via anti-androgen drugs. The most common anti-androgens are spironolactone, finasteride, and flutamide. They can also include women’s birth control pills and oral contraceptives.

These medications are proven effective for managing excess facial hair for women with hirsutism. They work by blocking the effects of the androgen receptors and reduces the release of the hormones from the pituitary gland, ovary, and adrenal glands. Patients need a prescription to know much dosage they need for their condition. Results from anti-androgen supplements may take 4 to 8 weeks to show.

2. Progesterone Medications

Another hormone supplement that can work for stopping additional hair growth in women is progesterone. Progesterone medications are a natural androgen inhibitor and they work by limiting the production of androgen in the glands and blocking the androgen receptors in the hair follicle. Taking progesterone supplements also stops the conversion of testosterone hormone into DHT, a byproduct of androgen that makes facial growth coarser and darker.

3. Saw Palmetto Supplements

Saw palmetto is a natural herb supplement that can treat facial hair growth in women. It’s a plant-based natural remedy that’s said to help reduce the androgenic effects of the male hormones. It can also work by limiting the activity in the 5-alpha reductase pathway to prevent the conversion of DHT that may trigger follicles to grow excess facial hair. Women can take saw palmetto via oral medications in its capsule or pill form.

4. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E

Dietary supplements that contain vitamins B6 and E are also believed to help get rid of unwanted hair growth in the facial areas. For one, vitamin B6 is thought to help lower testosterone in women and inhibit prolactin hormone production. Excess production of prolactin may lead to a condition known as prolactinoma which causes an increase of thick facial hair in women. Vitamin B6 can be taken via oral supplements or natural food sources like milk, beef, poultry, soybeans, bananas, and non-citrus fruits.

Vitamin E health supplements are good for hair care maintenance and limiting facial hair growth. They can control the effects of androgen hormones in women and reduce the production of testosterone to minimize facial hair. They also have antioxidant properties which are said to help repair hair tissues to prevent gray hair color changes. It can be helpful to include Vitamin E-rich foods in the diet such as nuts, green vegetables, avocados, vegetable oils, and seeds.

5. Spearmint Supplements

Spearmint extract from the Mentha spicata plant is also believed to be an effective facial hair removal supplement. It contains anti-androgen properties and is said to help reduce male hormone levels that trigger the growth of excess facial hair in women. Drinking spearmint tea at least twice a day could help women get rid of their facial hair.

This facial hair treatment recommendation comes from a study where women with hormonal imbalances were asked to drink spearmint tea extract. The results showed that the people who participated in the treatment had significantly lowered levels of testosterone.

6. Magnesium and Zinc Supplements

Dietary supplementation with magnesium and zinc are also thought to help prevent growth of excess facial hair. In one of the clinical studies for patients with hirsutism, participants were given a combination of magnesium, zinc, calcium, and vitamin D supplements over the course of 12 weeks. They showed significant improvements in their hirsutism symptoms and reported decreased facial hair growth.

These supplements are thought to work by lowering testosterone production and inhibiting its effects on excess facial hair growth. Magnesium and zinc can be consumed from food sources like soybeans, whole grains, green vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Zinc medications are also available upon doctor’s prescription.

Reasons Why Women Grow Excess Facial Hair

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Hirsutism is the term used to describe excessive hair growth among women. Although facial and body hair is completely normal, people diagnosed with hirsutism experience the growth of thick hair that’s similar to male hair. This condition is primarily caused by hormone changes, particularly the increase of androgen production.

These hormonal imbalances can also be triggered by preexisting medical conditions in women. Some of the hormone-related disorders that may cause unwanted hair growth are:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome – Women with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, usually have higher amounts of testosterone as opposed to the female progesterone hormone. PCOS patients experience infrequent or missed menstrual cycles, unwanted acne, and excess growth of facial and body hair.
  • Idiopathic hirsutism – Idiopathic hirsutism refers to the condition where the excess facial hair condition has no known cause. It’s a facial hair growth disorder where androgen levels are normal, menstrual periods are regular, and women aren’t particularly diagnosed with PCOS.
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia – This is a type of adrenal gland disorder where people don’t produce enough cortisol to support normal hormone production. It causes symptoms of increased facial hair growth, acne, and irregular periods in women.
  • Cushing’s syndrome – This is another condition affecting the adrenal glands where individuals have excessively high levels of cortisol. People with Cushing’s disease have excessive growth of facial hair, chest hair, increased blood pressure, muscle weakness, and fatigue.
  • Side effects of medications – In some cases, hirsutism can also be triggered as a side effect of taking medications such as minoxidil which is typically used for stimulating hair growth.

Other Permanent Hair Removal Treatments That Work

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Supplements are a good option for managing excess facial hair but those who may have possible contraindications to the medications can opt for treatment procedures for hair removal. Dermatologists can recommend the following methods of hair removal:

  • Laser hair removal – Laser therapy is a simple and straightforward hair removal method. It uses laser technology to heat up and destroy the hair follicle which results in the removal of visible hair and delays new hair growth for months. It’s possible for hair to return and when they do, they appear lighter and less noticeable. Laser treatment is excellent for removing hair in any parts of the face and body without leaving any ingrown hair.
  • Electrolysis – Electrolysis is another method of hair removal that uses shortwave radio frequencies to stop hair growth. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that requires inserting needles directly to the follicle to deliver the electric current. One drawback to this treatment is that it can be time-consuming since the provider has to treat individual hairs.
  • Topical hair removal prescriptions – Doctors may also prescribe eflornithine medications which work to inhibit the enzymes responsible for excess facial hair in women. It’s available in the market as Vaniqa, which is an FDA-approved topical cream for reducing and controlling the growth of hair.

Get Supplements and Other Supplies for Hair Treatments at FACE Med Store

Excess facial hair grows because of hormone imbalance among women who have higher androgen hormones. To control excessive hair growth, they can turn to certain supplements and medications to limit this overproduction of hormones. Dermatologists can also recommend hair removal cosmetic procedures to permanently get rid of facial hair among women.

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How to Get Rid of Women’s Facial Hair Permanently With Supplements (2024)
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