Metv New Schedule (2024)

Have you heard the buzz? METV, your go-to destination for classic television, is shaking things up with a brand-new schedule. Whether you're a die-hard fan of timeless sitcoms or a lover of vintage dramas, there's something for everyone in the revamped lineup. Let's dive into the details and uncover the gems awaiting you in the METV universe.

The Evolution of METV: Embracing Change for a Brighter Future

Change is inevitable, and METV understands the importance of staying relevant in today's ever-evolving entertainment landscape. With the introduction of the new schedule, METV aims to cater to the diverse tastes of its audience while retaining the nostalgic charm that has made it a beloved channel for years.

Navigating the New Lineup: What to Expect

Curious about what's in store? Fear not, as we break down the highlights of the fresh METV schedule:

1. Prime Time Delights: A Feast for Classic TV Enthusiasts

Get ready to cozy up on the couch with your favorite snacks, because METV's prime time lineup is packed with timeless treasures. From beloved sitcoms like "I Love Lucy" and "The Andy Griffith Show" to thrilling dramas such as "Perry Mason" and "Columbo," there's no shortage of entertainment to keep you glued to the screen.

2. Weekend Extravaganza: A Marathon of Memories

Weekends just got a whole lot better with METV's marathon sessions. Dive into back-to-back episodes of cult classics like "MAS*H" and "The Twilight Zone," or indulge in nostalgia with special themed weekends dedicated to iconic shows from decades past.

3. Hidden Gems: Unearthing Forgotten Favorites

One of the joys of METV is stumbling upon hidden gems that may have slipped under your radar. With the new schedule, you'll have the chance to discover lesser-known treasures from the annals of television history. Keep an eye out for obscure sitcoms, forgotten dramas, and cult favorites waiting to be rediscovered.

4. Fresh Faces: Introducing New Additions to the METV Family

While METV is known for its timeless classics, the new schedule also welcomes a few newcomers to the lineup. From recently unearthed rarities to modern shows with a vintage flair, these fresh additions add an exciting twist to the channel's programming.

Embracing the Future While Honoring the Past: METV's Promise to Fans

As METV embarks on this new chapter, one thing remains constant: a commitment to delivering quality programming that resonates with viewers of all ages. By blending the nostalgia of yesteryear with the excitement of the present, METV continues to be a beacon of timeless entertainment in a fast-paced world.

Conclusion: Your Ticket to TV Time Travel

With the unveiling of the new schedule, METV invites you to embark on a journey through television history unlike any other. Whether you're reliving fond memories or discovering hidden treasures for the first time, there's no better place to experience the magic of classic TV than METV.


1. Will my favorite shows still be airing on METV? Absolutely! While the schedule may have undergone some changes, METV remains dedicated to airing fan-favorite classics alongside exciting new additions.

2. Can I access the new schedule online? Yes, METV regularly updates its website with the latest schedule information, so you can plan your TV viewing accordingly.

3. Are there any themed programming events planned for the future? METV loves to surprise its viewers with special themed weekends and marathons, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on upcoming events.

4. Will the new schedule affect the broadcast times of my favorite shows? While some shows may have new time slots, METV strives to accommodate viewer preferences as much as possible while maintaining a diverse and engaging lineup.

5. Can I provide feedback on the new schedule? Absolutely! METV values feedback from its viewers and encourages you to reach out with any comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding the new schedule. Your input helps shape the future of the channel.

Metv New Schedule (2024)


Why is my MeTV not working? ›

You May Need to Rescan Your TV to Watch MeTV. At times, over-the-air viewers need to rescan to update channel reception. This can happen when new channels are launched, when television station transmission equipment changes, or at other times when television sets need revised information to receive local channels.

How many viewers does MeTV get? ›

According to Nielsen, MeTV averaged 719,000 viewers in prime time for 2019, a 2% increase over 2018.

What is the new name for MeTV? ›

(WJAR) — Today, NBC 10 WJAR announced that starting September 1st, 2022 the MeTV broadcast network, Channel 10.2, which is also distributed on various local cable providers, will become CHARGE!

Is there an app for MeTV? ›

MeTV, America's #1 all classic television network, is now available for Android phones and tablets. Stream your favorite shows right on the app!

Why does my MeTV keep cutting out? ›

Sometimes stations change the frequency on which they broadcast — the channel a viewer selects to watch a particular station remains the same but the frequency that the viewer's television finds the station on changes -- requiring viewers who use an over-the-air antenna to rescan their tuners to locate the station's ...

What is the most-watched TV channel in the USA? ›

In IndieWire's now-annual ranking of every TV channel by viewers, NBC pretty comfortably came out on top.

What is the most-watched newscast on television? ›

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir has finished the 2022-'23 TV season as the No. 1 evening newscast on U.S. TV, both in average total viewers ( 8.1 million) and among adults 25-54 ( 1.29 million). That's now seven consecutive seasons that WNT has been America's most-watched evening newscast.

What is the No. 1 channel in the USA? ›

In 2023, NBC was the leading ad-supported television network in the United States, with an average viewership of 4.54 million, surpassing the viewership number of CBS. The latter recorded 4.51 people watchig the TV channel.

Is MeTV still available? ›

In most markets, MeTV operates on a digital subchannel of the main station listed. In some markets, it operates on an LPTV or Class A station. The network is also available on streaming services Frndly TV and Philo.

Who carries the MeTV channel? ›

Select your service provider to get the most accurate schedule:
  • New York - MeTV - WJLP (Over the air) 33.1 HD / 43.3 SD.
  • New York - MeTV - Optimum 33/ 687/ 25/ 35/ 77/ 679.
  • New York - MeTV - FIOS 3/503 HD/ 19/519 HD.
  • New York - MeTV - Spectrum 33/ 1239/ 22.
  • New York - MeTV - Comcast 8/808 /1033 /4 /15 /19 /22 /27 /95 /1043.

Where can I watch MeTV now? ›

Watch MeTV Streaming Online on Philo (Free Trial)

Is MeTV a free app? ›

MeTV - America's #1 Classic Television Network - allows you to follow your favorite shows and nostalgia on your iPhone and iPad. The free app allows you to receive custom alerts about your favorite shows, programming reminders to tune-in to MeTV, and see when other MeTV fans react to your comments.

Is MeTV free? ›

With over 70 live channels, MeTV and sister networks Heroes & Icons, Catchy Comedy, Start TV, and Story Television are available to stream for only $25 per month.

How do I get MeTV on my smart TV? ›

You can find MeTV on a pair of budget-friendly streaming services, including, Frndly and Philo. All it will take to fulfill your nostalgia needs is an active internet connection, a subscription to one of the aforementioned services, and Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or any other compatible device.

Which service streams MeTV? ›

Watch MeTV Streaming Online on Philo (Free Trial)

How can I stream MeTV live? ›

Watch MeTV | Frndly TV - Live & On Demand.

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