New CS2 Rating System Explained. CS2 Points to Ranks Table (2024)

Since these days many players already have access to the Limited Test of Counter-Strike 2, it’s time to talk about one of the most significant changes in the game: the Ranking System. It has become more diverse and complex, yet everything seems pretty logical. In this article, CS.MONEY Blog will tell you all about the new ranks in CS2, as well as what a CS2 rating is, and how much Rating do you need for a Global Elite.

New CS2 Rating System Explained. CS2 Points to Ranks Table (1)

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CS2’s New Rating System Explained

Valve has decided to strike a blow against third-party platforms like FaceIT. Previously the vast majority of esports players and young prodigies, eager to climb to the top, gathered there. Now all of this can be done within the game.

In Counter-Strike 2, the most prestigious mode is Premier Matchmaking. This is a competitive mode in which a map veto process takes place before the match, and the entire gaming experience is as close to esports competitions as possible.

For major regions, there is a leaderboard where the best players on the ladder are visible to everyone. To be in the top part of the leaderboard right now, you need to score more than 22,500 points.

How to know your CS2 rank/MMR/rating?

To do this, you need to go through calibration, which will end after the tenth victory. If we compare the rating distribution with what was in CS:GO, we can say that the unquestionable Global Elite level starts at least with 17,000 points. If you have 20,000 points or more, you are in a rather elite group of players.

Currently, the rating table in Counter-Strike 2 is grouped by colours with a step of 5000.

W/L MMR gain points differs from player to player and their rating. At high ratings, players complain that they receive just over 100 points for a win, while they can lose 500-600 points for a loss. Over time, Valve will probably calibrate these indicators a few more times, but the overall philosophy of CS2 Premier Mode is already clear.

When you are close to moving to a higher CS2 rank, the game will offer you a promotion match: you won’t get many points for it, but you will move to a new category. Similarly work demotion matches: if you happen to lose too much, you will be offered a match where you must win to maintain your rank. This system is a kind of rating inflation protection: moving from category to category becomes more difficult, but each promotion is more valuable and brings more emotions.

How many Rating points is Global Elite?

In general, we can say that Global Elite starts from approximately 19,000 points. So, if you want to conquer the ladder, this number should be your first target.

Ranks in CS2 came from CS:GO but work differently

The old CS:GO ranking system hasn’t gone anywhere: it simply transitioned to CS2, so you can calm down, as your Global Elite icon stays (assuming you’re that good, of course). However, there’s one nuance: these ranks now represent your level on each specific map and are not used in Premier Mode.

Competitive mode continues to exist in CS2, but it is more like a training tool that will prepare you for the Premier Matchmaking when the game finally drops. You no longer have to worry about mastering a specific map: Rank Separation by Maps allows you to play at a specific map with other players of your skill on this map. Which makes it enjoyable for everyone to play. If you’re good on Mirage, you’ll face tough opponents. If you’re not so good, for example, on Anubis, your opponents won’t be as skilled, and you can play more balanced matches and improve your skills. However, in the future, everyone will ask each other about their Premier rating rather than their rank on Vertigo.

List of ranks in CS2 from worst to best

Below is a list of all ranks in CS2 and how many rating points is needed for each rank. Basically, how many Rating Point you need for different levels of rating. Based on calculations by Reddit users.

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master
  • Gold Nova I — 9316
  • Gold Nova II — 9983
  • Gold Nova III — 10545
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Master Guardian I — 11169
  • Master Guardian II — 12228
  • Master Guardian Elite — 12999
  • Distinguished Master Guardian — 13917
  • Legendary Eagle — 14999
  • Legendary Eagle Master — 16000
  • Supreme Master First Class — 17555
  • The Global Elite — 18882

Valve is working seriously to create a convenient and fair ecosystem for those who want to compete. Meanwhile, in CS2, you can also play in casual modes and simply enjoy the gameplay. Playing with cool skins is even better, so come to CS.MONEY and choose your perfect inventory to maximize your enjoyment!

New CS2 Rating System Explained. CS2 Points to Ranks Table (2024)
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